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Tune into HD with a high definition box.

Do you need a high definition box? If you have cable and you want to receive all of the high definition TV channels offered, you will need a high definition cable box from your provider. There will often be an additional charge for it, but many of these boxes also act as a high definition video recorder which can help justify the monthly fee increase.

Another important type of HD box comes in the form of an high definition tuner or set top box. If you have an HD ready TV or a video monitor capable of displaying a high definition picture, then this device will enable the reception of free, local, over the air HD broadcasts.

Most of the HDTVs sold in the last few years have these tuners built in; however,there are those sold in the past decade that are called 'HD ready'. These TV's had the technology to display the resolution necessary to show HD, but lacked the built in tuner to receive the signal and decode it. Another name for them is 'HD monitor'. By adding a high definition tuner and a high definition TV antenna, you'll be watching your favorite local high definition television stations free and clear.