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Home theatre speakers don't have to surround you. Experience a 3.1 channel system and hear for yourself.

As many people love the idea of thrilling surround sound in their home, there are those who lack the space for lots of home theatre speakers. There are also those who don't want to place speakers all around the room. Enter the 3.1 channel home theater systems.

Depending on the room layout or size, it may be difficult to place surround sound speakers. Under these circumstances even wireless surround sound may not be an option.

Whether a small den or how about the bedroom?

A 3.1 channel home theater system might just fit the bill.

This setup consists of 3 speakers across the front and a subwoofer. Rear speakers are not used; however, using acoustical processing technologies, which vary depending on the manufacturer, a simulated surround sound speaker effect is achieved through the front speakers.

These may be separate left front, center, and right front speakers, or a single speaker array, called a sound bar, which is usually long and narrow placed above or below the TV. Inside this speaker array will likely be three or more separate speaker drivers (one for each channel) along with a connection to a separate subwoofer for the low bass effects. Often, the amplifier, inputs and outputs, as well as all of the audio processing circuitry is housed inside the subwoofer to keep this system super easy to hookup.