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3D HDTV, the next dimension of high definition!

If you've been in an electronics store and perused the flat panel TV section, chances are you've seen 3D HDTV demonstrations from most or all of the TV manufacturers out there.

So what is 3D HDTV? It is the latest evolution in 3D technology. For the longest time, in order to watch 3D, we were forced to wear paper glasses with red and blue cellophane in front of our eyes. This did give us the illusion of 3D, but at the expense of inaccurate color reproduction and major image ghosting problems. Alas, this was the technology available at the time… so we endured. Enter the present day, and read the latest high definition television reviews and we have to applaud technology for ushering in an entirely new 3D technology!

When you combine the crisp clean imagery of high definition television broadcasting, hi def satellite, or blu ray 3D, with the new glasses that don't need to filter colors out in order to work properly, you get a visual experience that blows away the older technology in every way!

Yes, you do need to wear glasses, but the amazing technology in most LCD and Plasma TV's use their high frame rate to show left and right images in succession. Using a process known as active shutter technology, the glasses are synchronized to these alternating frames and are able to show the correct frames to each eye hundreds of times per second. The picture remains in high definition while providing the illusion of a three dimensional image.

Although the technology tints the glasses, thereby darkening the image ever so slightly, the color remains true, and the image razor sharp. By the way, Most manufacturer's 3D glasses are designed to fit over prescription eyeglasses, if you need to.

One interesting and common misconception is that if you were to buy one of these new HDTVs with 3D, you have to always wear the glasses and always watch everything in 3D. This is entirely false. These TV's are first and foremost 2D HDTV's with the ability to show 3D content as well. Think of it like pondering a sunroof on a new car purchase, "but what if it rains?" You don't have to open it if you don't want too. On a beautiful day or moonlit night; however, it sure is nice to have the option to open that sunroof if you have it. A 3D HDTV simply adds an additional entertainment option to enjoy, only if and when you so desire it.

If you like going to the movies to watch the latest hit films in 3D, then you should enjoy the latest offerings from the various 3D HDTV manufacturers. and the latest blu ray releases in 3D. Lets not forget about 3D gaming, a more immersive experience, now on the Playstation 3.