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A high definition TV antenna may be all you need to see a brilliant picture.

A high definition TV antenna is one of the least expensive ways to enjoy local high definition television stations. It can cost as little as a few dollars at your neighborhood electronics store. The signal strength may vary, depending on your proximity, and the type of terrain between you and the broadcast towers; i.e. hills, mountains, etc. A TV antenna, connected to your HDTV may be the only thing you need to enjoy a large number of free over the air HD broadcast channels.
Unlike analog broadcasting, digital TV signals either come in crystal clear, or not at all. No grain. No fuzz. Surprisingly, the picture quality may be even better than cable or satellite due to the compression techniques used by these providers to give you more channels, despite bandwidth limitations. Of course if more programming choices are important then by all means, keep your cable or satellite provider and upgrade to their high definition box or high definition satellite receivers if you haven't done so already. For those who subscribe because you want a clearer picture when watching local TV, then give a high def TV antenna a try. The antenna you need may be as simple as a pair of rabbit ears, to a small powered antenna, to an outdoor roof antenna, depending on signal strength in your area. Once you see the picture, you will be amazed!