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Choose home theater seating that fits your lifestyle and desired comfort level. It's your theater, you decide.

When you are watching a movie, or your favorite team play on the big screen, are you seated comfortably? Now that you are thinking about your overall home theater design, have you considered what type of home theater seating would be appropriate?

The type of seating you choose can really have an impact on your home theater experience. You may decide that your couch and/or love seat that you currently use makes for the perfect viewing experience. If that's the case, well congratulations! You do not have to worry about choosing and purchasing home theater seating.

I use a love seat for my home theater and it works just fine. For those who are considering the purchase of a new seating option,

Here are some suggestions:

A reclining love seat. This item is typically designed for one or two people and can serve in a dedicated home theater, a living room, or den with minimal design impact on the room it resides in.

The next option is a home theater recliner. This type of home theater furniture feels right at home in a more dedicated theater setting. Upon first glance, its purpose is clear: Keep you comfortable, with your feet up, and have your beverage at the ready. A convenient cup holder is common on many models and adds convenience.

These selections so far can be quite inviting, but there are those movie buffs who may long for yet another option....

Original or replica, classic or modern movie theater seats!

The choice of many home theater afficianados for their authenticity and charm, they can provide the "official movie theater feel" that many of us can appreciate.

And let us not forget this option: your existing sofa, love seat, or chair. That's right! Your existing furniture may be perfect for enjoying your home theater system exactly the way it is. You can focus your budget on other home theater furniture for your electronic gear.