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The surround sound receiver. The brain behind every word, note, and noise you hear.

One of the most important parts of home theater systems is the surround sound receiver, also commonly referred to as a home theater amplifier. It sends power to each speaker and processes the signal, providing the brawn and the brain of every voice, sound effect, and musical cue.

Not only providing the power to drive every speaker, this device is also the hub, or central nervous system wherein all of the components, often including the high definition television, are connected.

Even wireless home theater systems have a receiver that connects the front speakers, the blu ray player, a high definition satellite system, and many other home theater components.

The surround receiver is responsible for decoding many of today's sophisticated surround sound formats found on the latest blu ray movies and DVDs.

Make sure that the amplifier/receiver you select has sufficient power for all of the speakers in your surround sound setup. Also make sure it has the most up to date decoding for the latest surround formats.

You will be amazed at the connectivity of today's components. A high quality home theater receiver will allow almost every component in your system to be hooked up to it; thereby simplifying the operation of your system and making it all the more enjoyable.