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Reclining loveseats: These home theater recliners offer cozy comfort for movie-duos everywhere!

A popular choice of home theater seating for those who may not have the space or desire for traditional home theater recliners is a reclining love seat. This item is available at furniture stores online or locally, and is an extremely comfortable and practical solution. It is designed for 2 people and offers the ability to sit upright, or fully reclined. Although it is a one piece design, both sides usually recline independently of each other, so one person can be upright while the other lays back.

One of the key differences between these and home theater recliners is they do not have an armrest in the middle to come between you and your movie date.

This snuggle-friendly option is affordable and comes in a variety of styles and finishes. Leather, fabric, and even micro suede are among the available options of which many have stain repellent features too.

It is a great choice for those whose home theater layout must be in a living room or den. This allows the room to share functionality for both use as a theater or just a place to relax without impacting decor.