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A great blu ray player, dvds, games, music, internet, and so much more on the PS3!

The Playstation 3 or PS3 is the home gaming system from Sony which came on the market in November 2006. This device is very unique, versatile, and, in my opinion, one of the greatest values in home entertainment today. As someone who owns one, I can tell you this, it is much more than a video game console. In fact, In comparison to its use for watching blu ray movies, I rarely play games on it. It is a highly rated blu ray player, dvd player, and has the ability (when connected to the internet) to download movies and games (prices depend on item downloaded).

It has a large hard drive which can be used to store and view photos, store and play your music, and can even store and show home videos from your video camera. It also offers free downloads of movie and game trailers, playable game demos, and more. It is a high definition powerhouse, and can be continually updated to the latest blu ray standards so it will always be able to take advantage of what blu ray technology has to offer, with 3D gaming and blu ray 3D compatibility right now!

The price is only $299 for the base model, and it is a great addition to any home theater system.