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What is blu ray disc? How does it fit into the home theater system?

By now you have probably heard of blu ray disc. If you haven't, don't worry. By the end of this page you will have a much better understanding of this state of the art home movie format. If you know what a dvd is, then learning blu will be a breeze! You can learn more about the dvd format on the DVD technology.

Blu ray disc, also known as BD is similar to CD and DVD which are optical disc storage media formats. On all three of these formats, a laser is used to read and write information on the disc. These discs are the same size as a CD and DVD, but it can hold as much as 10 times the information of a DVD. The reason is due to the type of laser used in the process. DVD players utilize a red laser to read and or write information while blu ray players use blue lasers.

The blue laser can be focused to a much narrower point than the red, therefore much more information on the disc can be recorded since it can be placed closer together. The name is derived from the 'blue' laser 'ray' which makes the technology possible.

So what does all of this mean for you? Well, to put it simply, Better picture and sound take up more space on a disc. This technology allows the movie studios to put full length high definition audio and video versions of films on a single disc for you to enjoy and be blown away by. As prices of players continue to fall, adding one to your home theater system is easier than ever.

The library of movie titles making their way to this amazing format keeps on growing!

You'll see that plenty of high definition entertainment is coming to a home theater near you!