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Home theater furniture tips and ideas for your equipment. Where to put all this good stuff!

Welcome to the Home Theater Furniture page!

There are two main areas to think about:

  • Where do I place all of my great home theater gear?
  • What about my home theater seating options?

These two things are equally important because as far as your equipment is concerned, (unless you are able to hide it all away in a closet) you need to have easy access to it, but also make it aesthetically pleasing in the room. With regard to home theater seating options, there's a whole page dedicated to that too.

Some home theater systems have only one or two electronic components (not including speakers) and can thus be easily integrated into the rooms decor.

Other systems like those consisting of separate components may need to be neatly stored in a cabinet or shelf type system.

I myself use a wood cabinet with glass doors to store all 8 of my components. I place my 46" LCD TV on top of it and it looks great! It is a nice solution that was very inexpensive, and blends with the decor of the room.

If your home theater design includes mounting your flat HDTV on a wall, then you only need to be concerned about where to house your electronic components. Some people may not want to do this, however. Perhaps the construction of the wall, the hassle of performing the task, a rental property may not allow it, and of course, you may just not want the TV on the wall look. Whatever your reason for not mounting a TV on the wall, there are many great looking and practical choices of home theater furniture that can store your gear and support your TV.

Besides attractive and affordable cabinets that hold components on the inside, and allow you to place your TV on top, there are modular shelving systems that add a modern flair. Many of these offer metal and glass designs that keep your electronics visible, but well presented, topped of with a glass surface for your flat screen TV to sit upon.

Another type of home theater furniture to consider is becoming very popular for those who like the idea of mounting their flat screen TV, but not necessarily on the wall. This home theater design features a modern glass and metal design including shelfs or closed compartments for your home theater system electronics, but has integrated a fully supported mount for your flat LCD or Plasma TV!

They are also available in traditional wood varieties in sizes that range from small all the way to a large wall unit. This all in one solution is great because, it allows optimal placement of your entire system without compromising any walls, many can easily be disassembled, and with so many designs available, it is something the whole family can agree on!