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Blu Ray 3D offers new depth and dimension for your home theater.

With the onset of 3D HDTV, a new way to watch movies at home is here. Enter blu ray 3D. Of course 3D technology has been around for some time, but not like this! Gone are the days of paper glasses, red and blue cellophane, and lackluster standard definition presentations.

Now, you can watch your movies in high definition and see clear, accurate color in 3D! With the introduction of 3D blu ray, you can enjoy both the 2D or the 3D presentation when viewed on a 3D HDTV.

You will need a 3D compatible blu ray player, or a Playstation 3. The firmware update on September 21st, 2010 made all PS3s fully 3D compatible for both 3D movies and 3D games.

There are other ways to get 3D programming, such as high definition satellite television, or high definition cable, or even with high definition antennas.

With the use of sophisticated stereoscopic cameras in both film production and installed in arenas, stadiums, and other venues worldwide, 3D programming is starting to take off. You'll also find the selection of 3D blu ray discs continues to grow at a healthy pace. You can check the upcoming blu ray release dates for more information on upcoming titles.