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Blu ray burners let you record full HD content and uncompressed audio.

Blu ray burners, or blu ray recorders, are the next step in high definition recording for home theater systems. With all of the available recording options such as a high definition video recorder or high definition DVD recorders, the stage is set for the blu ray format to get in on the game.

Blu ray players and burners are currently used in computers across the industry. Although there are a few models out there, their entry into the mainstream home theater realm has yet to take place.

Fear not, blu ray fans! As of this writing, blu ray recorders with hard disk drives have been introduced in Japan for home theater use. These recorders allow the user to record full high definition content onto the hard drive and then burn it to blu ray disc.

A blu ray recorder that is available with an internal hard drive in various sizes, sounds like a great addition to any component rack! It should only be a matter of time, so check back here for the latest information on their availability status in the United States.